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Main Focus
Component Description
Administrator Tool Rewrite User Maintenance to escape Classic ASP technology and improve UI experience. This will also incorporate security levels to restrict access to Admin Tools functions, e.g. to allow certain users access to user maintenance only, no script edits or permissions to change user security levels etc.
Administrator Tool Provide a configuration editor to operate across multiple configurations and provide a means of updating key system settings.
Keyfax Client This will be re-written using current tools/language but will provide backward compatibility for numerous ‘legacy’ integrations.

Address high priority fixes/enhancements as already identified
Continue involvement with integrations, client infrastructure changes and associated activities (currently 21 projects underway)
Address bug fixes as appropriate
Tighten security aspects (encryption)
Assist with ongoing GDPR requirements
Deploy minor releases as appropriate
Continue/ongoing application and database Health Check program
Continue the product Upgrade program