Repair Description Enrichment

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In order to append further information to question responses, additional text can be added to the response using a Text expression. In this example we will append " Tiles affected" to the answer to the question "How many tiles are affected?" (note the space before the word Tiles).

Setup a Script Databox or use one of the existing and in the expession value add the following + " Tiles affected". Add a new expression line by clicking "+" and then simply add the text to the new expression line.


To add this into the script. Against the relevant question write the result into the Script Databox that you have just created the expression line for, and then underneath read the expression value of the databox, ensuring that the result is recorded.


This will now append your answer to how many tiles are affected with " Tiles affected"


The Repair Description in Keyfax should now read something like:

Basins: Wall tiles; white; 8 tiles affected; loose; fair wear and tear