Developers Guide to Keyfax Integration

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Project Considerations, Recommendations & Expectations

For a smoothly run Project with excellent ongoing support (ensuring your development continues to be used), please consider:

Project Documentation

We know documentation (and its importance!) is often overlooked. But just like any conscientious developer, you will want to document what you have developed for your customer. We would expect you to share that documentation with Omfax and Touch-Base to ensure support continuity.

Ongoing Support

We would expect the documentation to outline what provision is being made for ongoing support of your software development, too. What happens if the host system changes and you need to update your software? What happens if Keyfax changes mean that your integration needs updating? Please record the names of key resources involved during the development cycle including personnel tasked with support.


We also expect that provision is made in your integration to trap errors, log faults and enable tracing of communications through log/trace files. Again, if these can be explained in the integration document (especially any arcane error messages!), then our mutual customers and support teams are better placed to understand and continue to work with your integration. Pin-pointing where something has broken and any process of elimination can be a protracted exercise if everyone is working in the dark! This will have enormous impacts on SLAs and support activities generally.

Development and Testing Assistance

As with any project of this nature, your development team may well require time from our development and support team to complete your project.

Working out what time you need from us is not always easy, but can often be broken down into the following sections. 

Design Consultancy

This is consultancy and assistance with a review of your proposed design/documentation before you carry out your software development. It doesn't include us providing software design for you - just advice and a review on your proposed design.

Development Consultancy

This often includes setting up a Keyfax configuration and a SQL database for you to test your development against. Our technical team will provide recommendations on functionality, as well as XML and web services configuration and testing.

Priority end-to-end and UAT support

Support calls during your end-to-end testing and User Acceptance Testing. These calls will be prioritised above other calls at standard SLA support levels.

Cut-over Support

Changing configurations and copying over databases and scripts to move the test configuration into the live environment. Clearing down of test history on the live system, to keep the database 'clean'. This does not include installing the keyfax client on desktops or for Citrix.

Out of Hours work

Sometimes the work needs to be scheduled outside of the core office hours (8:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday). Please let us know if that is a requirement for your project. Saturday work up until 18:00 is charged at 1.5 times normal hourly rate. After that time and Sunday is double time.

If you would like to suggest the number of hours that you think you will need from us using this form, we can respond with a quote for our team’s time. Keyfax integration projects typically involve between two to ten days of our time, depending on the level of support required.

Please note that if you choose not to engage our team, we cannot offer our support during your integration project.