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System Values

A System Values databox can be one of a number of system values according to the system value selected on creation of the databox. For clarity, the databox name should reflect the selected type.


The value returned for each system value is described in the sections below.


DataView licences are no longer provided. All DataViewURL System Value Databoxes should be removed from scripts.

This returns the DataView URL for the current configuration and should only be used when DataView is installed (requires a separate licence). The URL returned will be formatted with the current users credentials each time the script is executed and the databox value is referenced.

This is typically used in message help button links with additional parameters to direct the advisor to specific additional data within DataView.


This returns the current date and time in the format "Apr 06 2018 09:00:00".


This returns the Order Id reference where a service (SOR code) has been generated by the script. It can only be used as a task bookmark as the Order Id is not generated until after the system results script and only if any service has been generated by the script.


The Services System Value is only available for use as a bookmark in Keyfax Tasks and returns details of all services recorded in a script in an XML format as in the sample below. This is typically used in conjunction with a Transform expression to format the results into an html table for inclusion in an email.

Specific elements and names may vary according to individual integration requirements. Other templates are available such as Services2SMV to include the Standard Minute Value. Please contact Omfax if you have any custom requests.


Transform Example:



This returns the current list of questions and responses formatted as required for each specific host Housing Management System. This is typically only of use in scripts when the export ScriptPath is returned as plain text or html. It is typically only used in 'stand-alone' online configurations to email the online Q&A responses for advisors to manually process the request.

Prior to InterView v4.1.4.16, the ScriptPath System Value is only available for use as a Task (or message) bookmark.


This should only be used in a task template and returns the task action code for the 'current' task being processed. This is typically used to place the task code on the template as a visible 'stamp' to identify the source of a letter or email after it has been sent.


This returns the ContactView Task Id reference and is only relevant for installation with ContactView configured (requires a separate license). It can only be used as a template bookmark as the ContactView Task Id is not generated until after the system results script.


This returns the total cost based on the Services generated by a script. The total cost is based on the recorded services and quantities with a configurable fee plus VAT. This is formatted to 2 decimal places.